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Siemens Nitro | Discount Hearing Aids

31 March

Siemens Nitro is the Super Power solution that goes beyond power. Its sophisticated technology offers you great versatility, helping you enjoy and understand conversations with the utmost ease. It even allows you effortless and wireless connectivity to your favourite audio devices.

The Nitro BTE (Behind-The-Ear) and custom instruments provide a complete range of options for a variety of hearing requirements. From behind-the-ear intelligence to in-the-ear discretion, Siemens Nitro will help you enjoy the power of words like never before.

Siemens Nitro has a number of outstanding features;

SoundSmoothing – This revolutionary algorithm automatically softens startling or impulsive sounds for more comfortable listening, even in difficult environments.

FeedbackStopper – Nitro custom instruments are equipped with FeedbackStopper, which automatically eliminates feedback whistling quickly and reliably before it happens. Feedback cancellation comes as standard with all Nitro BTE instruments.

SoundBalance SP – While Nitro turns down unwanted sounds, it also boosts important ones. SoundBalance SP automatically increases the volume of low frequency sounds such as vowels. This not only gives you a better understanding of speech, but also improves your perception of loudness.

SoundLearning 2.0 – Nitro custom instruments come with SoundLearning 2.0, which automatically adapts to your volume and sound preferences, for each individual listening environment.

Compatibility – Nitro BTE instruments work with all modern means of improving speech clarity, including Direct Audio Input and Telecoil. They are also compatible with Tek, the wireless enhancement system from Siemens.

Nitro offers several refined features designed to make hearing both natural and comfortable. And they are very versatile, so they work intuitively and in unison. Which means you won’t have to worry about any adjustments. In fact, you’ll have nothing on your mind but a pleasant, more polished hearing experience

Some of the versatile features of Nitro BTE instruments:

Tek wireless connectivity – Using Bluetooth technology, feeds audio signals from personal audio equipment, televisions, or mobile phones directly into your Nitro BTE instruments.

AutoPhone – Automatically switches to the telephone mode when a phone is brought to the ear – so calls are easy to take, and understand.

Adaptive Directional Microphone – Proven to enhance speech clarity in noise by automatically focusing on signals in front and attenuating noise from the side and behind.

Automatic direct audio input – Connects to external audio sources, such as FM systems in schools, bringing the teacher’s voice directly into your ears.

Adaptive T-coil – Provides improved audibility and speech intelligibility and sound comfort when using induction loops available in many theatres and places of worship.

SoundSmoothing – Suppresses annoying impulsive non-speech sounds (e.g. clanging dishes) by quickly softening them.

e2e wireless synchronisation – Provides true binaural hearing by synchronising both Nitro BTE instruments.

Siemens Tek – lifestyle-enhancing wireless technology connects with:

* Mobile phones: Links via Bluetooth to let you make and take hands-free calls directly through your Nitro BTE instruments.

* TVs and audio players: Audio content is streamed in true digital stereo sound into your Nitro BTE instruments for disturbance-free listening.

* Tek Connect remote control: Slips easily into a pocket or handbag for discreet fingertip functionality, and wireless listening on the go.

* SoundBalance SP: Activated by Tek Connect, it allows you to control loudness perception and audibility of speech.

Siemens Nitro are hearing instruments that pack a punch of power so even with severe hearing loss you can benefit from an ‘in the ear’ hearing instrument, right down to CIC (Completely in Canal) size.

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