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Phonak launches new Quest family of hearing aids, Virto Q and Bolero Q

21 October

PhonakPhonak have released a new range of hearing aids under the Quest banner, the Bolero Q range are the BTE (behind the ear) version, and the Virto Q range being the custom ITE (in the ear) range.

Both available in three technology levels, the premium level of Bolero Q and Virto Q is Q90, Advanced level is Q70 and mid range, or Standard, is Q50.

Depending on the type and level of hearing loss, and the lifestyle and expectations of the wearer, the three technology levels will address most needs well.

Improving on the now superceded Phonak Ambra, Solana and Cassia, there are a few things to note. The Q50 range now has 12 channels, the Cassia which it replaces had 6 channels. DuoPhone is standard throughout the Quest range to help out enormously with phone calls.

StereoZoom is now a feature on the Q70 range where before it was available only on the Premium model, and a new autoStereoZoom feature is available on premium Q90, where it activates automatically where the situation and the environment dictates.

A new feature called Binaural WindBlock is available at premium level and an Acclimatization Manager is available through the range.

Below is a graphic of what features are available at each of the technology levels, this makes it easy to see at a glance what level of technology is most appropriate for you.

Features of the Virto Q and Bolero Q Quest Range

Other noteworthy points, Phonak have overhauled the colour schemes and design of their BTE range, creating more of a quality finish in the process. Also within the Nano IIC instruments interestingly they have released a remote control, so you can control your IIC invisible in canal hearing aids volume and program settings.

Phonak have also released a remote microphone product, imaginatively called the Phonak RemoteMic. Remote microphones can be used to manage some of the difficulties hearing aids just find hard to overcome. The RemoteMicpicks up speech at the source and wirelessly transmits it direct into the hearing aid wearers hearing aids, overcoming distance. It can work up to a theoretical 20 metres in free field, although walls and furniture will reduce this somewhat. It is a very neat and well designed product.

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